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This is me

Opinionated, as my handle gives that away already, about pretty much anything.

This blog however is about my adventures in ‘virtual Wall Street locations’ around the world; yes, I am talking about the stock market. Any information, theories (or hypothesis for the so inclined), statements, actions, questions, provocative arguments, in short, anything referenced on this blog, are all my opinions.

None of this is being endorsed, warranted or guaranteed in any way, shape or form! All of this is reader beware, use at your own risk entirely!

So now with the required opening lines behind us, I am hoping to share some insight into the ups and downs of dabbling in the stock market, formulating ideas and hopefully see them grow and prosper. None of my investment actions are short term or day trader like; all have a medium to long term horizon, yet, sometimes, they are quite risky in nature. Again, reader beware, use at your own risk entirely!

Read on if you are looking for some entertainment value spiked with a dash of useful information here and there.

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