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Stock Opinions – The first

Posted by on 28. May 2012

Part of being a responsible and engaged participant in this world, is to be informed about various things of daily life. One of those being the rather large and obscure topic of “Investments”.

While I do participate in a 401(k), which by the way is a super nifty invention, in case you haven’t bothered yet, I also read up and dabble in the stock market. The overall goal being to supplement and bolster any (projected) retirement income.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Almost as if it was taken straight out of a financial advisor’s marketing brochure.

Well, I try. I am definitely not a day trader, yet, over the last 10 years or so, I was able to learn quite a bit about markets, trends and their effects on stock prices. I even own some! I even subscribe to one or two financial magazines; yet more on that later.

I think investing in the stock market is something everyone can and should do. A broker or some other intermediary between you and the market is not really necessary if you only bring to the table the smallest amount of interest yourself. Alternatively, you can always lean back and fork over all that hard earned cash to someone and let him or her make all those decisions for you. If you choose that route, which is entirely your call, at least be sure to understand what the annual statement contains and don’t be surprised if the invested monies tank.

Enough of that. Here we go…. buckle up and enjoy the ride. Oh, and don’t forget to comment, too.

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